Established November 1st, 1991 - Improving the quality of life, one child at a time...

Occupational therapy involves treatment methods designed to improve fine motor skills (little muscle movements), sensorimotor, perceptual motor and self-help skills. Reaching or grasping objects, feeding, writing and scissor skills needed for school are some areas of treatment.

Services include:

  • Standardized fine motor screening.
  • Evaluation of sensory dysfunction and its effects on motor functioning.
  • Perceptual motor evaluation.
  • Upper extremity splinting.
  • Feeding/oral-motor evaluation.
  • Craniosacral therapy.
  • Neurodevelopmental treatment.
  • Adaptive equipment consultation and acquisition assistance.
  • Establishment of long and short-term goals.
  • Patient and parental education and instruction in home programs.