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We have implemented a new Appointment Reminder system.

It has been set up for you based on your communication preferences on file with us (by text, by email or by phone),

If you consented to text reminders, you will receive a text from this phone number:


to remind you of your child's appointment(s) for the following day. The text will go out 24 hours prior to the appointment time. For Monday's appointments, the reminder text will go out to you on Friday.

For the newer smartphones, clicking on the text MAY confirm the appointment. However, actually clicking on the link WILL confirm the appointment. You do not need to send a text to reply. Simply click on the link! If you need to re-schedule, please call our clinic.

Note that typing "CANCEL" will stop the texts from being sent to your phone. To restart the service, follow the instructions on your phone. Also, please check the settings on your phone to ensure that it allows links in messages you receive.

For now, you may continue to get texts from our other texting phone number: (910) 333-6596 but these will be for other communications such as offering you appointments, etc.

Thank you very much for your cooperation! Feel free to call us at (910) 347-2212 with any questions.